About MagiChinese
MagiChinese is a professional leader in technology-based Chinese language learning. MagiChinese ProgressiveImagination® method is the best learning method suited to the special characteristics of Chinese. We offer our clients the most effective solutions to learn Chinese, and know Chinese culture at the same time.

Chinese is magic! MagiChinese knows Chinese better. To make learning Chinese more easy, fun and lasting is our goal.

Expert Team
Chief Advisor:Ruqian Dai

Researcher, National Institute of Education Sciences, China
The most famous scholar of Chinese education research, renowned at home and abroad.

“The proven ProgressiveImagination® Method is applicable to all learners of Chinese characters, and is particularly effective for new learners of Chinese. The various practices prove that the method is scientific and efficient, learners also show their welcomes and supports.”

—Yi Sun, Wordsmith, Host of Beijing Radio and TV Station, Winner of the National Gold-microphone Award

“Before MagiChinese comes out, almost all language learning software follow RosettaStone, Duolingo and use one similar method to learn all languages. Chinese is a unique language in the world and MagiChinese is now a must-have for learning Chinese!”

— Ruqian Dai, Researcher, National Institute of Education Sciences, China

See comments about us:
“STRONG RECOMMEND! Among apps for learning or practicing Chinese, MagiChinese is the best I’ve used.” —an international student at Peking University
“I’ve also tried a few other methods such as book learning and online course, both of which bombed and made me so disappointed. Then I try MagiChinese, it's definitely become my favorite.” — an employee at one of the world's top 500 companies
“The cartoon is so cute! It creates a fantastic way to learn Chinese characters, the culture behind every character create great value!” — a Chinese teacher at Tsinghua University Primary School
“I love the search function! It allows me to find and learn a character at anytime, just like a removable Chinese dictionary!” — a Chinese learner on internet
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