Original Cartoons

Every Chinese character is a picture and a story of Chinese culture. You can learn character by just simply watching cartoon.

Proven Method

The MagiChinese ProgressiveImagination® Method, a high-quality Chinese learning method without borders.

High-quality Course

We provide quality courses based on the New HSK, an easy start for beginners and the priority selection for advanced learners.

Choose the course you want to learn, download and start!

Pinyin teaching and accurate showing, anytime, anywhere.

In “Search” page, the whole voice package of initials, finals and tones is provided. You can also search and achieve the basic reading of 3000+ characters that built in system.


Characters, words and sentences make a strong connection, several associated characters can be mastered in a short time.

Learning Process

When you start, you enter the Self-Evaluation Mode, we will ask you a question. When you choose “I know”, the test that follows will make out whether you master the character. When you choose “Tell me more”, we will guide you to learn this character step by step just like a teacher, and after this round of learning, the character would be involved in Self-Evaluation Mode until you chose “I know”.

After learning, we'll test characters you've learned. It provides the varied tests matching your mastery of the character. When a character is tested 6 times and all passed, it will be marked and never appear again.


In “Progress” page, you can see the basic information about your learning progress, click the “Review” button, Shake and learn! You can use the novel and interesting way to review and consolidate.

The system will give a badge when you reach a higher level.


Keep signing in, get the reward!

Keep learning, get the reward!

Keep testing, get the reward!

The best Chinese learning incentive system is waiting for you!

Absolutely high quality audio pronunciation by native professional speakers.
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